Christmas Gift Ideas for the Wood Worker in Your Life

With Christmas right around the corner, its time to start shopping for gifts, if you haven’t already. If you have a wood worker in your life, here is a list of various things to purchase for them. Unless you know a lot about wood working yourself, you may want to research different brands and types of these gifts before you purchase them. It is also very helpful to know if the wood worker in your life is a beginner, advanced, or someone who is just wanting to start out.

If you are purchasing a gift for someone who is just starting out in wood working, or wanting to start, classes or lessons are probably your best bet for a gift. The types of classes or lessons available, as well as the cost of them will be determined based on where you live. Another great gift for a beginner wood worker are magazine subscriptions, or some DIY books or guides. There are a ton of different magazines on wood working, so just find out your wood worker’s style before selecting one.

A miter saw is a must have for any wood worker. A miter saw is a saw that is used to make accurate crosscuts in a work piece. If the person you are shopping for does not yet own a miter saw, you should get them one! There are hundreds of different types of miter saws available, and all of them have different unique features and capabilities. Before purchasing a miter saw, there are seven things to consider: power, flexibility, capacity, extra features, flexibility, performance, price, and at what level the wood worker you are purchasing a miter saw is at. (honest miter saw reviews) Obviously if they are a beginner, you do not need to purchase the most expensive, versatile miter saw on the market.

Clamps and paintbrushes are something a wood worker can never have enough of, and something they need to restock frequently, as they wear out often. A clamp essentially acts as an extra hand, and is used for almost every project, especially when you want to hold something in place to see what it will look like when finished. As far as paintbrushes go, for wood working, try to invest in the more costly ones if possible. Also get a wide variety of different sizes.

A pocket jig is a great gift to make any wood worker’s life easier. A pocket jig allows you to drill quickly and evenly at any angle you choose. With a pocket jig, you can also seamlessly attach perpendicular pieces easily, which allows for a stronger bond and a cleaner look.

Making a Pocket Hole Jig with your Router | Instructables

If you know a wood worker who seems to have everything, think about an oscillating tool. These are quite pricey, and not absolutely necessary to every wood working project. An oscillating tool works with a side to side movement. The oscillation is very slight and very fast, making it feel more like a vibration when used. An oscillation tool also works with scrapers and sand pads.